Case Study 11:
Program of Parallel Computing

Consultants of DigitCompass LLC worked on the research of cancer census tract together with researchers in NIH. Due to the complexity of the computation, it took months to get simulation results for the study. Instead of sticking to the traditional technique, our consultants proposed a new method of high performance computing, the general parallel computing model (GPCM), and implemented it in R platform called ‘parallelcomp’. With the software, ‘parallelcomp’, the simulation results of cancer census tract only took hours. Efficiency was improved hundreds of times. Pilot analytics, Pilot implementation and testing were conducted in order to assess the performance and uncover possible operability issues before the full-scale deployment.

Before GPCM and ‘parallelcomp’, the lack of user-friendly software tools for parallel computing is a big barrier for researchers to use supercomputers in studies of genetic and medical science. GPCM provides a generic scheme for the utilization of parallel computing and ‘parallelcomp’ is the implementation of GPCM, a handy tool making the parallel computing very simple for users. With the GPCM and the software, the research processes can be greatly accelerated in a broad area of studies, biology, statistics, physics, chemistry, and finance.

This program shows that DigitCompass LLC has leading expertise in data analytic research, development and testing of complex IT system, and high performance computing.