Case Study 09:
Program of Ranking Cancer Rate

CIRank software is a knowledge-management web system available at the website of National Cancer Institute:, which is used for ranking cancer rates of geographic units, for instance, states of U.S., and analyzing the variability of the ranking.

DigitCompass' Consultants served as the co-leaders of the team for the CIRank Program. Their duties included validating the source data (cancer incidence data and mortality data), leading the efforts of methodological research and statistical programming, designing the data visualization products (Confidence Interval Report, Rank Probability Report, and Rate Distribution Report), oversight of the implementation and maintenance of the web system, and preparing and updating the system manual.

In this program, DigitCompass’ consultants proposed the lambda method, which is used in the web system and is one of major methodological advance proposed in this program. The research work for this program were published in the paper ‘Confidence intervals for ranks of age-adjusted rates across states or counties’, Statistics in Medicine 2014.