Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Our consultants have developed customized big data solutions on big data platform (HPCC system: middleware system) integrating various data source (structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in various format along with size up to TB) to meet clients' dynamic business requirements, preparing high volume data into .csv format from multiple data sources, building up customized ETL process, and creating API for real time returned result customers.

Software Development

Our consultants have developed complex software systems (either Windows platform or Unix Platform or Web application, e.g. Joinpoint Regression Program and CIRank web knowledge management system) with advanced and
 innovative statistical models to meet clients' analytical requirements and research needs, using dashboard and dynamic graphs and tables displaying insightful statistical findings to help making informed decision, e.g. plan budgets of cancer cares based on comparison of cancer rates across geographic regions. The programming languages employed includes C++/C#, .Net, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and F#.

Data Management

Our consultants are experts in data management of financial market data and medical data, providing services of data cleansing, missing value imputation, and integrating data of different sources into structured data.

Case Studies