Case Study 05:
Telematics Project

Our consultants have provided clients with services of project-based Data Architecture design to capture telematics data for business intelligence reporting and analysis using Oracle SQL and IBM Netezza. This also entailed business and systems requirements gathering and solution architecture activities. They designed normalized data models to capture transactional metrics based on machine-to-machine real time wireless communications as well as designed dimensional data models and Informatics ETL processes to move data from transactional database tables to staging and data warehouse tables in order to make this data available for scorecards, dashboards, predictive analytics, and data visualization. The work included development, test, and production environments for software development. For capturing and making widely available information about the telematics information infrastructure, our consultants designed and developed a LAMP-based (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) metadata repository. All the work included database table structures, schema owners, and table and column definitions. The work required extensive experience in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQGrid, and Python 3. In addition, our consultants managed complex data architecture implementations which includes high-performance fault-tolerant database systems in distributed, big data environments storing in Hadoop platform.